Certified Social Worker in Health Care (C-SWHC)

Maintaining Optimal Functioning in Relation to Health

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Who seeks this credential?

Social work in health care can be defined broadly as the professional continuum of services designed to help patients, families and groups improve or maintain optimal functioning in relation to their health. Social workers in health care respond to the ever changing needs of those engaged in health care services by modifying and expanding methods for providing services. Social work activities are focused on the biopsychosocial components of health and/or mental health from a strengths perspective. 

Additionally, social workers in this specialty field use their knowledge to develop standards of practice, recommend health policy, improve health programs and ensure patients, families and organizations receive high quality and state of the art social work services.

What does this credential represent?

The NASW Specialty Certification program was launched in 2000 in response to growing workforce trends and societal needs requiring specialization and to help association members attain: enhanced professional and public recognition; increase visibility as specialized social workers; and Association with a select group of specialized social workers who have attained national recognition.

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

  • A master’s degree in social work from a graduate program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education
  • Documentation of at least two (2) years (equivalent of 3,000 hours) of paid, supervised, post-MSW social work employment in an agency or organization that provides treatment to individuals and families whose lives are adversely affected by medical conditions or physical limitations.
  • Current state MSW-level license or an ASWB MSW-level exam passing score-based social work license, registration, or certification issued by the designated state office.
  • Adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics and the NASW Standards for Continuing Professional Education

Please read and review the complete criteria in the application.

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Still have questions?

Read the Credentialing Center FAQ or contact the Credentialing Center at credential@socialworkers.org.