Sample Social Worker Job Description Outline Guide

It’s important for employers to write clear job descriptions so they can attract highly qualified and talented social workers. 

A job description should articulate the most important outcomes you need from a social worker for the position you are looking to fill. Below is a sample outline for a social work job description. Employers can use this as a guide when developing a social work job description.

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Description
  • Organization Website
  • Job Title
  • Salary (or salary range)
  • Location
  • Type
    • Full-time/Part-time
    • Experienced/Entry-level
  • Benefits
    • 401K
    • Health / Dental / Vision
    • etc.
  • Job Description:
    • Job duties and responsibilities (tasks that must be performed)
    • Crucial functions of the job, with examples
    • Articulate the most important outcomes needed from the position
    • Description of work environment
    • Schedule: hours/shift
    • Background investigation required
    • Drug and alcohol screening, if applicable
  • Candidate Qualifications:
    • Required or preferred education level
    • Credential / licensing requirements
    • Years of experience
    • Required knowledge, skills, and abilities
    • Technical skills, if applicable
    • Travel requirements (drivers license)
    • Language requirements (bilingual skills)
  • Employer Contact Information
    • Include how candidates may apply for the position

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