What key points can help someone get to know me quickly?

I've heard about the "elevator pitch" but what questions are most important to capture someone's attention?

An elevator pitch is an overview of a product, service, or project. Your personal elevator pitch is a brief statement that introduces you to a networking contact or other individual. Practice yours until you can say the entire introduction within the time span of an elevator ride (about 30 seconds or 100–150 words).

Some key points to include:

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Where I am from
  • Most recently I've been working…
  • My career history includes…
  • My greatest strengths are…
  • Examples of how I have used my strengths include... (give 1 or 2 examples)
  • My goals for the future are / I'm currently exploring...
  • Something you can't read about me on my resume

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