Understand and Manage Your Student Loans

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Managing your student loans as a social worker comes with unique challenges. Many social workers have both undergraduate and post-graduate education loans a nd a high percentage of social workers are employed in the public sector or in non-profit agencies. While this can mean lower salaries than in the private sector, it also means potential benefits from the federal government for student loan repayment.

Visit this page to learn what you need to know as student loan payments resume in 2023 and about new options for debt relief for social workers, and read below to learn how to manage your current loans.

Manage Your Student Loan Debt with Savi

NASW has partnered with Savi, a student loan technology company, to provide our members with access to expertise so you can better understand, manage, and repay your student loan debt. The Savi Student Loan Tool analyzes repayment and forgiveness programs to help borrowers find solutions. They can also provide digital enrollment and annual re-enrollment.

Members can select a free account to explore options at no cost, or choose a member-discounted premium account to get help enrolling and submitting application paperwork directly to loan servicers, and access one-on-one support with student loan experts. Working with Savi can save you hours in paperwork and anxiety. And Savi tells us that users save an average of $2,064 per year.

Get Started: Apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Savi guides you step by step through the PSLF application and enrollment process, working directly with your servicer and employer to ensure you’re on the right track towards student loan forgiveness.

With a free DIY account, members can:

  • Get a personalized estimate: Input your loan info to see all available options.
  • Review options: Compare all your repayment options side-by-side, including potential forgiveness for eligible borrowers.
  • Access resources: Complete forms for your chosen repayment plan and/or forgiveness program, and file them on your own.

With a $30.00 premium Essential account, members can also:

  • Enroll: Pick a repayment plan and/or forgiveness program, and quickly enroll through Savi’s paperless application process
  • Monitor: Ensure you never miss your re-certification deadline with the Savi Student Loan Tool. Get ongoing advice, tools, and information about the status of your loans throughout the year
  • Get Support: Receive unlimited access to one-on-one support with Savi student loan experts

Student Borrower Protection Center

The Student Borrower Protection Center is a nonprofit organization focused on alleviating the burden of student debt for millions of Americans. Get resources for borrowers during the coronavirus pandemic, tips for managing your student loans and answers to frequently asked questions.

Visit the Student Borrower Protection Center

Student Loan Payments to Resume: What You Need to Know

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With the payment pause for student loans ending this fall, it’s crucial that social workers are prepared.
Get updates on student loan debt relief, new programs for repayments, and a path for returning to good standing if you’re in default.

NASW Advocacy on Student Loan Debt Relief

NASW advocates for loan forgiveness for social workers as part of our ongoing work to improve working conditions and salaries, to support social work professionals and to ensure that consumers have continued access to qualified professionals.