Social Work Month 2010

Social Workers Inspire Community Action

Social Work Month 2010 showcased the expertise and dedication of professional social workers who help to improve community life. While social workers are integral parts of all communities, the general public’s understanding of these contributions and services is still limited.

NASW promoted the theme through three core strategies of the ongoing National Social Work Public Education Campaign:

  • Consumer Education
  • Entertainment Outreach
  • Student Recruitment

Social workers can help ensure that more people are exposed to positive and actionable information about the social work profession. Every social worker has a role to play. 

Since its inception, the social work profession has worked to improve life for millions every day. Social workers operate from values that recognize each person as relevant to society. We believe our communities should help everyone achieve his or her fullest potential.

No Limitations

People choose careers in the social work profession because they believe they can make a significant impact in the lives of others through individual and group assistance. But they also recognize that effective social work practice with individuals, families and communities is affected by institutions, customs and laws that may limit the success of many.

Our Legacy

A commitment to fairness, and an intense interest in seeing others succeed by removing personal and public barriers, distinguishes social workers from other like-minded helping professionals. These values—coupled with tangible social science skills—have led social workers in history to create essential safety net programs such as unemployment insurance, health insurance, income assistance and child protection services, and to fight for a range of human and civil rights in the United States.

Our Impact

Social workers are close to the critical events that shape the quality of American life. We are on the front lines, developing, advocating and delivering social programs that are responsive to such human needs as homelessness, poverty, family break-up, mental illness, disability, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence and many other issues. Social workers help people live more rewarding lives.