2010 Social Work Congress

The profession has key strengths that can help it grow. It has a clear, positive purpose. Social workers have unique knowledge, values and skills and an ability to mobilize resources to promote social justice causes. They hold leadership and advocacy roles in many sectors and institutions. There are also good, rewarding careers and many diverse career paths in the profession. And we live in a social and economic environment in which social work services are more relevant than ever. However, many social workers say that a lack of professional recognition, stagnant wages, and high student debt are barriers to working in the field.

The purpose of the 2010 Social Work Congress was to examine the internal challenges facing the social work profession, with a special focus on transferring leadership from established leaders to emerging leaders. 

Congress Documents


  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-9)
  • Congresswoman Alyson Schwartz (PA-13)
  • Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1)
  • Congressman Edolphus Towns (NY-10)
  • Dr. Jared Bernstein, Office of Vice President Joe Biden
  • Mona Shah, Staff for Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD)
  • Kristen Downey, author of “The Woman Behind the New Deal: Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins”
  • Daniel Brook, author of “The Trap: Selling Out to Stay Afloat in Winner Take All America”

Discussion Topics

  • Leadership Development
  • Common Objectives
  • Education Recruitment
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Retention
  • Influence

Photo Gallery

See social work leaders across generations debate the future of the profession. Also enjoy photo highlights from an evening celebration with historic Woodstock performers. 

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