Social Work Centennial

In 1998, NASW led a national celebration to honor 100 years of social work accomplishment helping individuals, families and communities, and working for systemic changes to achieve social, political and economic justice. The Centennial honored the social work profession's founders, champions and achievements in a yearlong celebration.


  • President William J. Clinton's Centennial letter (Feb. 18, 1998)
  • Willard Scott displayed NASW's Centennial poster on a Today Show broadcast.
  • NASW released a film Legacies of Social Change: 100 Years of Social Work
  • The NASW News featured profiles of the social work profession's most celebrated Pioneers. 
  • NASW members and supporters held social work "birthday parities" throughout the year at chapter, agency and university events.
  • The Smithsonian added important social work historical objects to their American History collection, including Jane Addams' rocking chair from Hull House.;
Jane Addams photo, Library of Congress

Sociologist, suffragette, social worker, philosopher, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams