Social Work Ethics and Boundaries: A Critical Examination

NASW Wisconsin

Mark Wills 0 1216
This workshop will examine changes to the Code of Ethics and ask critical questions about our identity as a profession. In what ways do our current professional values and ethical mandates create conflicts with our profession’s historical commitments to be agents of social change?

Ageism: Nobody Has Said to Me, "You are an Old Person, Can you Share Your Wisdom?"

NASW Wisconsin

Mark Wills 0 893
Noon-1 p.m. Central

Through a comprehensive study of research on the gerontological, research on attitudes on aging, and a phenomenological hermeneutic study of women on the value of aging, information will be presented outlining the problems of social services to the aging population. Documented research will be presented showing the effects of ageism on individuals and society. Educational options will be explored, offering positive approaches to aging that will not only help the older adult but can then be reflected in younger generations.

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