The Child Suicide Crisis

Essential Chats With Mit

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Youth suicide is the third leading cause of death in the nation. Learn what every social worker should know about youth suicide. Featuring NASW President Mildred C. Joyner and social workers Dr. Michael Lindsey and Dr. Carolina Vélez-Grau. Event will be recorded and archived on Facebook.

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2022 Virtual Symposium, "(Re)centering: Social Work & Abolition—An Abolitionist Take on Social Work"

NASW Minnesota

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1-5 p.m.

(Re)visioning our format

In lieu of our annual fall conference, we have put together a symposium that will feature one session every month between January and April 2022, concluding with our Social Work Summit in May 2022. Symposium content will focus on (re)defining the status quo of our profession. In each session, we will unpack a pressing issue and discuss bold approaches to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We will create space for multiple truths as we challenge ourselves to unlearn, evolve, lead, and follow into the future of social work.

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