Social Work Film Festival

2016 NASW National Conference

The 2016 NASW National Conference film festival spotlighted films that feature social workers, are made by social workers, or are about issues important to the profession. Attendees were able to meet filmmakers in discussion sessions after each screening and to earn two continuing education credits.

Buffalo Nation: The Children are Crying

Buffalo Nation: The Children are Crying

The Lakota Sioux and other indigenous people have a rich history but were stripped of their traditions and forced to live on reservations, where poverty and alcohol abuse are rampant and suicide rates are far above the national average. With this film Leslye Abbey, MSW, visits the Lakota Sioux reservation in South Dakota. The film examines how these social problems developed, and what people living on the reservation are doing to restore hope.


Portraits of Professional Caregivers

Many people enter the social work, police and firefighting professions to help others. However, members of these professions can experience vicarious trauma from working with people undergoing distressing situations. Yet social workers and others often do not seek mental health care to address compassionate fatigue, which can damage their professional and personal lives. 

This film by Vic Compher, MSW, looks at this issue and what can be done to address it.

Finding Jenn’s Voice

Finding Jenn's Voice

Tracy Schott, MSW, got a phone call from a distraught friend whose pregnant niece was murdered by her married lover. Schott did research and was surprised to learn one of the leading causes of death for women who are pregnant is murder at the hands of an intimate partner. 

This film explores this phenomenon and how social workers and other professions can help stop this tragic trend.




Leading Change, Transforming Lives

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