NASW Account Access

Whether you are an NASW member, or an NASW Customer, you need an NASW account to access some NASW tools and resources, including the Online CE Institute.

I have an NASW Account / I think I have an NASW Account

If you already have an NASW account, but forgot your username or password, you can reset either if you know your NASW ID or the email in your NASW account. You may need to know what city is listed in your NASW account.

Reset your Username and/or Password

I don’t have an NASW Account

If you don’t already have an NASW account, consider joining as a member. 

Members get the best discounts, and access to members-only National and Chapter resources including the Research Library, MyNASW Community, Social Work Advocate magazine, the Social Work Journal, practice and career info, and legal and ethics help.

Join NASW as a Member

I’d like to start as a customer, not a member.

If you’re not ready to join as a member, that’s OK. You can create a free customer account to access most of the content on the Online CE Institute, the NASW Career Center and more.

Create a free non-member account

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