Discounted Student Membership

Social workers lead change: collage of people at protest marches and demonstrations

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is proud to support your first step into the social work profession. Your discounted membership is our way of welcoming you to the social work community.

Join NASW to advance your career, to connect with mentors and colleagues, and to advocate for important social issues. NASW members enjoy benefits and networking provided by both the NASW national office and their local chapter, for one annual fee.

NASW members represent the very best of social work in academia, practice, research, and policy. Through NASW, we have a larger voice and more influence with elected leaders, policy makers, and employers to make critical changes that support the social work profession and society.

Every NASW student member is sponsored with the generous support of more than 80 regular members.

Join the professional network most committed to your success as a social worker.

Jumpstart your social work career.

As a member of NASW-NC and an NASW Student Liaison, I have taken full advantage of the NASW Career Center, to help guide me through chosen certification and build upon skills needed in the current career market.

NASW-NC has taught me that my voice, my vote and my investment matters. LaKeysha M. Sawyer, BSW - MSW class of 2016
NASW has provided me with opportunities for advocacy, networking, and leadership development. As a student member, I have received advice for how to improve my resume for social work jobs, attended conferences, participated in advocacy events at our legislative building, and received advice on how to proceed when I encounter harmful policies or inaccurate statements in the press.

These benefits have improved my knowledge of what it means to be a social worker and they have increased my confidence as a social worker and as a social advocate.

Daniel Ball, BSW and MSW class of 2016
Joining NASW has molded me into a leader and a mindful professional, and provides me with confidence in my social work profession, knowing that NASW advocates for me and social workers all around the world for pay increases, tuition reimbursement and protection for our future profession.

NASW is the backbone of the social work profession, and by supporting them with a student membership, I am providing a promise to my future career as a social worker. Jordan Holley, MSW, and former BSW Student Member, NASW National Board of Directors