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MyNASW is a virtual community where you can learn from peers, share your knowledge and grow your connections. Post questions and participate in discussions. Find colleagues using the member directory. Browse resources shared by NASW staff and other members.

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Learn more about the benefits of MyNASW and how members use it to connect with a community of experienced practitioners and find insightful guidance about their careers.

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The Benefits of MyNASW

The New & Improved MyNASW

We've made it easier to connect with social workers nationwide! Dive into the upgraded MyNASW platform, our revamped online community designed exclusively for members.

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A Community That Supports Each Other

Social Workers rely on trusted information to make informed decisions. NASW makes it easy to find that guidance through MyNASW, an online community of social workers.

Learn how MyNASW empowers members with opportunities for support, collaboration, and personal growth

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Members Engaging in Honest Dialogue on Difficult Issues

One of the best ways to navigate complex challenges is to engage with fellow social workers to understand their perspectives —and a great way to interact with professionals is through the MyNASW all-member online community.

Dive into how MyNASW enables members to discuss different viewpoints on difficult topics, gather insights, and navigate challenges.

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“Should I pursue a doctorate?” and other Topics Members Discuss on NASW’s Online Forums

When it comes to questions like “Should I pursue a doctorate?” getting an answer from someone who has been there is often more helpful than any online research. But in our field, that can be challenging. Fortunately, NASW members can find a community of experienced practitioners through MyNASW where they can ask their questions and find insightful guidance.

Read more about the sorts of insights you'll find across the 1000+ discussion forums posted each month.

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Untangling the Thread: Book Club Edition

What social work books are you reading?” That’s a recent (and regular) question asked on the MyNASW online member forums. Social workers are always adding to their libraries, seeking titles that will help them keep up with trends in their field.

Take a peek at the books members are talking about and recommending in MyNASW.

Connect to end COVID-19, social workers support informed vaccine decision-making

Join NASW’s national Connect to End COVID-19 effort, a CDC-funded initiative to support social workers and their clients in informed vaccine decision-making. Complimentary webinars and CEUs available.

Learn about Connect to End COVID-19