Relationships & Sexuality


Social workers work with people to ensure they have the best possible relationships with others. They also work with clients who may be questioning their sexuality or are experiencing difficulties involving sex. Here are our experts on this issue. To arrange interviews or speaking engagements email

Name State Specific Expertise
Dr. Judith G. Balcerzak California
Lisa Banks California
Mary Anne Cohen New York
Graham Danzer Florida
Devon Cozens Diner Colorado
Stephanie Jacobson Connecticut
Lee King New Mexico
Michael C. LaSala New Jersey
Theresa A. Lyons, Esq., MSW New Jersey
Widian Nicola New Jersey
Kari O'Neill Washington
Sheree Parker Pennsylvania
Karen Perez Florida
Karen Perlman New York
Jo Seiders District of Columbia
Alexandra Solomon Connecticut
Salome Valencia-Bohne Washington
Marya Wright, DSW(c) MSW California