Oregon Social Worker Sanctioned

A clinical supervisor is found to have engaged in a dual relationship with a client.

The NASW National Board of Directors' Executive Committee in February 2008 approved the sanctioning of Kathleen L. Prieto, based on a surrogate complaint submitted by the NASW Oregon Chapter.

The Board of Clinical Social Workers for the State of Oregon issued a stipulated amended order in December 2005 concluding that Prieto, a clinical supervisor, violated the rules for social work licensure by engaging in a dual relationship with a client because Prieto allowed the client to reside with her. The board determined that this relationship impaired Prieto's professional judgment to the detriment of the client.

Based on these findings, the NASW National Ethics Committee found Prieto in violation of NASW Code of Ethics standard 1.06(c) Conflicts of Interest. The committee requested immediate suspension of Prieto's NASW membership and credentials pending verification of her completion of the state board's requirements.

Failure to provide evidence of the completion of the state board's recommended actions resulted in the NASW Executive Committee's decision to impose contingent sanctions, which include revocation of Prieto's NASW membership and credentials, publication of the findings in the national NASW News and publication of Prieto's name on NASW's Sanctions in Force list for a period of one year.

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