Sanctions in Force

NASW adjudicates certain allegations of violations of its Code of Ethics by members, and if violations are found, may impose sanctions. These may include sanctions of public notification, such as the notification of state licensing or regulatory boards, employers and others, if violators fail or refuse to take corrective action. Public notification may be directed via NASW national publications such as Social Work Advocates magazine, which is also available via the national NASW website. Public notice may also be made available through chapter publications.

Following are the names and the adjudicating chapters for members against whom sanctions of public notification have been imposed within the past 10 years and remain in force. 

When reading names in this list, please be advised there may be members with similar-appearing names against whom NASW has not imposed sanctions. NASW requests that before taking action or making conclusions about a person on the basis of this list, first determine that the member is indeed listed here by contacting NASW at (202) 408-8600, ext. 231.

No current sanctions, as of May 4, 2021.