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December 2018 / January 2019

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Stepping Up: Profession Trains Social Workers To Become Leaders

As schools infuse more leadership training into their curricula, social workers are leading and succeeding in education, nonprofit organizations, business, health care and government.

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Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals Changing the Face of Social Work

Social workers with entrepreneurial spirits help redefine what social work can be. Whether it’s a niche business or a traditional social work role with a twist, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Redesigned NASW Intent on Lighting New Paths for Members and the Profession

NASW President Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, LCSW, writes: "Five years have passed since former NASW board president Jeane Anastas appointed a group charged with the task of charting a sustainable course for our professional organization's future.... What a difference a few years and dedicated effort have made."

Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW

Leadership and You

NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW, writes, "I believe the most successful social work leaders transform and motivate team members through idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individual consideration and intellectual stimulation."

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