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Social Work Advocates: August / September 2020 Issue

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woman stands looking at a huge coronavirus molecule

Crisis Impact: Social Workers Confront Pandemic While Caring for Others

Social workers continue caring for their clients during this pandemic, and many are on the front lines in hospitals or nursing homes, helping the families of those who are ill as well as the doctors and nurses who treat them.

people meeting over cell phones

Telecounseling Turns a Corner: What COVID Shutdowns Have Wrought for Remote Practice

With many questioning returning to in-person sessions, andseeing advantages in distance practice, telehealth services appear to have made inroads.

Mit Joyner

The Time is Now

"I had no inkling that the baton of leadership would be passed during this unsettling and pivotal juncture in the history of the U.S. As a nation, we are facing two public health pandemics — COVID-19 and racism — within the context of a global environmental crisis," writes NASW President Mit Joyner.

Angelo McClain

A Natural Fit: Rediscovering Improvisation in Social Work

NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW, writes, "The COVID-19 pandemic forced widespread reversion to one of social work’s original competences: improvisation. Using the skills of improvisation, social workers across the country have remade existing programs, services and practices to create COVID-responsive alternatives."