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NASW’s post about its Pennsylvania chapter condemning the closure of a social work school at a Christian university in the state—which cited gender, sex guidelines as the reason for closing—received 220 likes, 51 shares and 80 comments.

Johanna Byrd, executive director of #NASWPA condemned the closure, saying the university seemed to be sending an incorrect message that #socialworkers can’t have or maintain their faith and do their jobs. “There are a lot of Christian colleges that have social work programs, and this is the first one that has reacted to this by saying we’re going to close our social work school. We of course have concerns that could be part of a trend,” Byrd said.

Stevie Moore
As an agnostic who purposely chose a Christian university in order to be exposed to different belief systems, this is exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of when I enrolled. Luckily, my university stands by the NASW code of ethics, but the college in this article should have never received accreditation if they couldn't do the same.

Johanna Byrd
@Stevie Moore That is exactly the problem in this case. The Cairn school of social work stood by the Code of Ethics 100%. They are suffering now because University President Todd Williams decided to end all that with the stroke of a pen at a Board meeting and inflict his OWN values on the university.

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast

Episode 73: Every Month Is Pride Month

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Rick Miller, a clinical social worker in private practice in Boston and Cape Cod, Mass., is founder of the organization Gay Sons & Mothers. His publications include "Mindfulness Tools for Gay Men in Therapy" and "Unwrapped: Integrative Therapy with Gay Men and the Gift of Presence."

Rick Miller: I think this year’s Pride Month is even more important, because people have been locked up at home for over a year, so the fact that people feel safe enough to go outside and do things is pretty amazing. I did a little unofficial poll and I asked various people I know what Pride Month means to them.

One person said, “Courage.” Another person said, “Sorrow and regret, for people I loved, who were unable to live authentically. Love, gratitude, for the lives that we lead and grief for our community, lost to HIV”… “Acceptance, growth and freedom.”

What’s exciting about this is that these are people who are mothers of gay children, LGBTQ people themselves, allies, so it’s a broad range of people who are actually thinking about what pride month means, as opposed to one parade and only parties.


Code of Ethics

NASW’s LinkedIn post about the revised Code of Ethics received 351 likes, 4 comments, 90 shares. 

National Association of Social Workers

Learn more about the 2021 Revisions to the NASW #CodeofEthics: Self-Care and Cultural Competence in this article by #NASW’s Senior Ethics Associate Andrea Murray #pleaseshare


June 2021 - Apology Vision Action - NASW

NASW recently posted 312 tweets, with the following among those that received the most likes and retweets:

#NASW acknowledges & apologizes for the association and #socialwork profession supporting policies that harmed people of color. Read our report Undoing Racism through Social Work on how we are addressing these wrongs.

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