Webinar Highlights Self-Care During COVID-19

The NASW SPS webinar, We’re all in this together, really: How to ethically hold space for clients and ourselves simultaneously, explores how to ethically share space with our clients while experiencing the same stressor: COVID-19. Social workers usually have an option to refer clients to another practitioner when the client experiences challenges that are too close to home. The webinar offers advice on ways social workers can simultaneously hold space for clients and engage in self-care under COVID-19 conditions. The webinar is available on demand.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries while experiencing an identical stressor as the persons we serve;
  • Consider the Wounded Healer archetype and the Helper Therapy Principle as applied to social work practice during a pandemic or similar global or national crisis; and
  • Explore strategies for self-care in a shared crisis while simultaneously caring for those we serve.