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NASW’s Facebook post about COVID-19’s impacts on social workers and nurses received 1,547 likes, 454 shares and 153 comments.

#COVID19 Impacts on Social Work and Nursing Now and into the Future: National Administration Plans #Socialworkers and nurses are experiencing acute levels of stress during the pandemic, experts say in the journal Health & Social Work, by @NASW & @OxfordJournals. This stress is due to the difficulty of providing services to clients who are in states of crisis, while simultaneously experiencing COVID-19-related trauma in their own lives. As current professionals report burnout and exhaustion, students training for these professions are also experiencing adverse impacts. Read more on the Social Work blog.

Ellen Joiner Woodard
Not sure this really addresses the solution. I’m a palliative care social worker in a hospital. I work with COVID patients and have difficult conversations with families, even at bedside during the dying process. My pay is ridiculous and I’ve been capped out for the last 4 years. In my 25 years of medical social work, I have never seen NASW properly address the needs of my profession. This article is great, but I ask, “What about the social worker?”

NASW is working on the pay issue at both a national and chapter level. It is a complex issue and yes more needs to be done to solve it. We recently shared news that NASW, in partnership with Rep. Barbara Lee, has secured a federal government study on the #socialwork workforce. Please check out this news release from July 2021.

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast

Episode 74: Housing Insecurity

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Kelly Bruno, MSW, president and CEO of National Health Foundation in Los Angeles, helped create a recuperative care program in response to hospitals’ illegal practice of patient dumping — the failure to make continued care arrangements when releasing homeless patients from the hospital. In this episode, she talks about that program and homelessness in general.

NASW: It sounds like Los Angeles has a very high population of homeless people. Why is that?

Kelly Bruno: Basically, and briefly, Los Angeles has the highest homeless population because we have an incredibly high cost of living here. Just the absolute cost of getting an apartment in Los Angeles, a one bedroom apartment, is upwards of $3,000 a month. This is the average in Los Angeles, which is absolutely unbelievable. So that is the number one reason that you see it. The second reason you see it is Los Angeles, unlike other parts of the country, does not have a right to housing. Other major metropolitan cities across the country have that.

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Students should not be paying for a racist education experience

NASW: Over the past year, we have heard about the traumatic, abusive, and exploitative experiences that BIPOC social workers have endured in social work education. This data has been used to develop goals for racial equity and workgroups of activists from across the nation who are laying the groundwork to dismantle racism and white supremacy in our schools. As we approach the start of another academic year, join @naswnys to call out this white supremacy and build power through community to aggressively take on the start of the semester. New and returning students are encouraged to join, as well as experienced and elder social workers with wisdom and power to share. Register at link in @naswnys bio on IG


August 2021, stand up for America’s public service= workers, NASW

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Are you one of the many #socialworkers struggling to access #PSLF? Tell your story & call on @POTUS to deliver promised student debt relief. It’s time to eliminate debt for borrowers with 10+ years working to give back to their communities. Learn more by going to the Action Network page. #nasw.

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