Foundations of Social Work Practice Incorporates Evidence-Informed Practice Models

NASW Press

By Paul R. Pace

Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text, edited by Mark A. Mattaini, DSW, ACSW; Casey Holtschneider, PhD, LCSW; and Christine T. Lowery, PhD

Foundations of Social Work Practice A Graduate Text

The fifth edition of the NASW Press book, Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text,” outlines and integrates ecological and structural theories of social work practice to ground social work students in a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of how social work supports social justice.

The book includes chapters dedicated to building foundational knowledge, including attention to the complexity and functions of the profession, history of the profession, integration of perspectives, social justice and human rights, professional values and ethics, diversity and cultural humility, and monitoring and evaluation. Other chapters focus on the theory and skills for generalist practice at multiple system levels—individual, family, group, community, and organization. The final chapter focuses on advocacy, accompaniment and activism.

Throughout, the book incorporates evidence-informed practice models with principles of structural practice, placing constant emphasis on the need to challenge structural injustice while supporting the casualties of that injustice, working to realize a progressive vision of a just and caring society.

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