Learn the Art of Interviewing and Translating Skill Sets

School social workers tend to primarily practice at the micro and mezzo levels preferring to provide services to individuals and/or small groups, such as a family unit, or groups within the school system. Most of the skills honed during years of micro and mezzo practice can be easily reimagined to practice at the macro level. However, social workers do not easily transfer, and repeatedly forget to transmute and clearly articulate these skills during interviews for positions demanding macro practice.

Learn more from the NASW SPS webinar "The Art of Interviewing: Translating School Social Work Micro Skills to Macro Practice."

The presentation seeks to illustrate and demonstrate the methodology of transmuting micro skills to macro practice. The objectives include:

  • Discover how micro skills may be translated into macro practice.
  • Identify school social work skills and create a crosswalk between micro and macro skills.
  • Analyze how micro skills may be successfully repackaged and marketed during an interview for a macro practice position

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