Guide Helps Social Workers Connect People to Health Insurance Coverage Through ACA Marketplace

ACA Open Enrollment

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NASW informed social workers about a guide for the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment for 2024.

Carrie Dorn, MPA, LMSW, senior practice associate at NASW, noted this is a crucial year for social workers to help individuals and families connect to health insurance coverage.

In 2023, the Medicaid continuous coverage provision that was in place since 2020 ended and all states are conducting redeterminations. Income and Medicaid eligibility may have changed for individuals and families since 2020, resulting in disenrollment from Medicaid, Dorn pointed out.

If families become aware they will lose coverage, or they have lost Medicaid or CHIP coverage already, they have an opportunity to apply on the health insurance marketplace, Dorn said.

They can apply 60 days before Medicaid or CHIP coverage ends to avoid a gap in coverage. Families also can apply for a marketplace plan any time after Medicaid or CHIP coverage ends, through July 31, 2024.

Social workers can guide families through the redetermination process and help consumers understand alternative options for health insurance coverage, Dorn said.

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