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Fewer couples are marrying, compared with previous generations. In 2021, the national median age of first marriage was 29.2 years old, representing a 32% increase in age since 1973, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. People who marry young are still getting to know themselves, says a story posted at Best Life. “Marrying at a young age may mean the individuals have not fully matured or discovered their identity, leading to changes that cause incompatibility over time,” says NASW-Colorado member Steve Carleton, LCSW, CACIII, a clinical social worker and the executive clinical director at Gallus Detox. Also, 40% of first marriages end in divorce within 15 years—and that rate only rises for subsequent marriages. While disagreements are normal and healthy in a marriage, an atmosphere of constant arguing and antagonism is sure to damage the fibers of a union. “Too much conflict can wear down even the most resilient individuals, infusing the relationship with negativity,” Carleton says.

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