EP19: Bullying Prevention with Catherine P. Bradshaw

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Guest Catherine P. Bradshaw, MEd, PhD, is a developmental psychologist and youth violence prevention researcher. She is editor of Handbook on Bullying Prevention: A Life Course Perspective, which offers recommendations for prevention and intervention in bullying across the lifespan.

Dr. Bradshaw is the Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence and the Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Prevention and Early Intervention. Her primary research interests focus on the development of aggressive behavior and school-based prevention.

Published Dec. 4, 2018

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Handbook on Bullying Prevention: A Life Course Perspective

Handbook on Bullying Prevention - A life course perspective

This publication focuses on understanding causes and consequences, as well as prevention, in several different settings, not just schools. It is a helpful guide for social workers, mental health clinicians, practitioners, researchers, and educators. Available from NASW Press in paperback and ePub format.

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