EP7: Foster Care: How Social Workers Help

NASW Social Work Talks Podcast

Matt Anderson and Malissa Flores

May is Foster Care Month, so we're speaking with two social workers from the Children's Home Society of North Carolina, Matt Anderson, Vice President of Programs and Business Development, and Malissa Flores, Permanency Specialist.

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Children's Home Society of North Carolina
Provides families with the support and resources they need to be a forever family, with services ranging from adoption and foster care to parent education and teen pregnancy prevention to post adoption support for families.

Children's Home Society of America
A national nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children and families, providing services to create healthy children and strong families.

From Place to Place
This feature documentary spends two years in the lives of six young adults who have aged out of foster care without the skills or support they need. These kids, forced to become adults, struggle profoundly to make the transition to independence. Directed by Paige Williams and produced by Matt Anderson.

National Foster Care Month
Find resources to help enhance the lives of children and youth in foster care.

Children's Bureau

The Children’s Bureau helps improve the lives of children and families through programs that reduce child abuse and neglect, increase the number of adoptions, and strengthen foster care.

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