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See what social workers experts are saying in mainstream media stories. These stories are gathered from issues of Social Work Advocates magazine.

February / March 2023 issue

3 women, one man

Josephine Coleman-Williams, LCSW, is helping local veterans experiencing homelessness by creating a tiny-home community in Midway, Ga.

Jenna Wolfson, LCSW, speaks on the mental health crisis that has been worsened by the shortage of mental health counselors.

Terry Werner, executive director of the NASW South Dakota and Nebraska chapters, has joined more than three dozen other states to expand Medicaid.

Rebekah Gewirtz, executive director of the NASW Massachusetts Chapter, was quoted on the front page of the Boston Globe about behavioral health initiatives in the state.

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December 2022 / January 2023 issue

four women

NASW-Texas member Holly McFarland, LCSW, a psychotherapist in Fort Worth, realized about four years ago that some of her clients’ mental health conditions were aggravated by climate change.

There is a nationwide shortage of mental health professionals, but it’s especially acute for children and teenagers, says NASW-New York State chapter member Rebecca Bonanno.

NASW-New Mexico member Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW, SEP, is quoted in an article at about understanding trauma.

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October / November 2022

3 women, 1 man

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, says that ruminating on our regrets is how we distract ourselves from the pain reflected in the behavior.

Rev. Frederick Streets, DSW, MSW, MDiv, says there are people affected by HIV/AIDS who hunger for faith communities that offer informed and compassionate care, acceptance and not judgment.

Chelsea Haverly, LCSW, created a trauma-informed weightlifting certification program for trainers, to bring its mental health benefits to more clients.

Teri Schroeder, LCSW, says while relationships differ, only you and your partner can decide boundaries around sharing devices or information.

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August / September 2022 Issue

Rena Gower, LCSW, says those in a partnered relationship will have a different psychological experience with infertility issues that may arise.

Claudia Rodriguez Kypuros, PhD, LCSW, shared tips on how college students can handle the stress of finals season.

U.S. Army Maj. Joshua Davis, LCSW, said hopes to use his skills to help others heal from the trauma of war.

Donna Oriowo, PhD, LICSW, says community care and self-care are both necessary for individual and collective well-being.

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