ESPEC Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESPEC?
ESPEC is a new training program designed to help social workers integrate the NCP Domains of Palliative Care into social work practice, strengthen their practice skills, and develop a professional development plan to increase their visibility and leadership.  The program provides up to 14.5 social work CE hours for completion of all training components - an online training course that provides 8 hours of CE and a 2.5-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), a live online session designed to increase your competence and confidence in four main practice skills. You can register for the specific VILT date when you register. Shirley Otis-Green will be offering ongoing monthly Mentorship to aid participants in applying ESPEC skills in their work settings. Your registration also includes 4 hours of Leadership Training, which will be offered both virtually and (when possible) in person. 

What are the additional responsibilities of the leaders? 
  • You agree to complete the entire program - all four parts of the curriculum. 
  • You agree to present a portion of the ESPEC curriculum in your institution or setting using the course material we provide. 

What additional opportunities are available through ESPEC?

  • You may also apply for consideration to be an ESPEC Advanced Trainer.
  • You will be invited to join a community of practice to share resources and provide ongoing support for best practice in palliative social work.

What are the eligibility requirements for consideration as an ESPEC Advanced Trainer?

  • Completion of all four parts of the curriculum as described above 
  • Commitment to teach Virtual Instructor-Led Training sessions after training 
  • Commitment to present Leadership Webinars after training. 

The description indicates Part II Virtual Instructor Led Training Workshop cannot be attended until the online parts have been completed. This implies the course is a full day 8 hours plus 2.5 hours (10.5 hours). Is this correct? 
Yes. You will be asked to register for the online ESPEC course, then select the date for your VILT training. All VILT sessions are scheduled for Thursdays 2:00-4:30pm EST with multiple date options to choose from.

Can a participant schedule ESPEC Part II on a different day than the Part I online training?
You can take the online 8.0 hour of training at your convenience and sign up for Part II on a different day. You do not need to take all 10.5 hours of training on one day.  

What is the Part III Leadership monthly mentorship time commitment? 
The Leadership Training is 4.0 hours, which can be taken in two separate two-hour webinar sessions.

There is a waitlist tab at the bottom of the page. Do I need to fill this out?
If you were able to register for the VILT you wish you attend, there is no need for you to complete the waitlist form.

Does the regular registration price cover all the components (part 1 and part 2)?
The regular registration price covers all the ESPEC training components - Part I (online training), Part II (Virtual Instructor-Led Training), Part III (monthly Mentorship), and Part IV (Leadership Training). The dates for Parts III and IV are available and will be shared with you after completion of Part II of the training.

What if I have further questions about ESPEC? 
Contact: Myra Glajchen, Project Director