SOS Suicide Prevention Program for Middle School Students

The NASW will again sponsor the SOS (Signs of Suicide) suicide prevention program as the new school year commences. This year a new middle school program is also being implemented. This is a suicide prevention and depression awareness program for adolescents, and is based on the nationally recognized SOS Signs of Suicide® high school program. The middle school program is for grades six through eight. Funding from the Ronald McDonald House Charities will allow the program to be offered free to 1,000 schools in the 2006-2007 year.

The middle school program will help youth recognize the signs of suicide, depression, and self-injury, and to respond effectively using the ACT (Acknowledge, Care and Tell) model. The main teaching tool is a video that incorporates peer intervention as part of its implementation strategy. Other components include student educational materials and stickers to reinforce the program’s messages, a strong parental component including an educational newsletter, and training materials for faculty and staff.

For more information, or to register for the middle school or high school SOS programs, call 781-239-0071 or visit