The Road Home: National Conference on Returning Veterans’ and Their Families’ Behavioral Health

Hundreds of thousands of veterans, family and community members will be, and are being, directly affected as our service men and women return home from war. Veterans’ experiences of serving in a war, and of being away from their jobs, families, and communities, will invariably cause changes in their relationships. Social workers working in almost every capacity are likely to serve some of these veterans and/or their family members, who will need help learning how to handle the changes that have occurred. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is sponsoring a conference on March 16-18, 2006 to provide educational and networking opportunities for providers, administrators, veterans, families, government agencies, and others, about how best to serve these returning veterans and their families.

Registration for this conference is free, though travel and accommodations are the responsibility of participants. Some scholarships to cover hotel stays will be granted, with information to be made available (on the website) by Friday February 10. Registration deadlines have been extended, but if you wish to participate in this valuable learning opportunity, you must register soon.