NASW Clinical Social Work Publications

Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice: A Reference Guide

NASW Press

Jul 11, 2017

This reference guide outlines the knowledge and skills required for effective clinical practice. It is an excellent resource for any social worker in private practice.

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Third-Party Reimbursement for Clinical Social Work Services

NASW Press

Jul 11, 2014

This publication provides an overview of the methods by which social workers receive reimbursement for psychotherapy services. A useful resource for practitioners, administrators, and students.

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Money and Psychotherapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Richard Trachtman | NASW Press

Jul 15, 2011

Thanks to the cultural taboo against talking about money, psychotherapists and their clients avoid discussing the single most powerful cultural force shaping how people think, feel, and behave. This publication helps mental health professionals understand how money can affect their ability to be effective in their work, and teaches the basics of addressing money-related issues with their clients.

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Postpartum Mood Disorders: A Guide for Medical, Mental Health, and Other Support Providers

Kimberley Zittel | NASW Press

Nov 15, 2010

Postpartum mood disorders (PMDs) continue to occur with great frequency. This publication provides vital education on the treatments available for those who suffer with PMD, models used around the world, and ways that the United States could improve on efforts to assist those experiencing PMDs.

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Doing What Works: An Integrative System for the Treatment of Eating Disorders From Diagnosis to Recovery

Abigail Horvitz Natenshon | NASW Press

Nov 15, 2009

Eating disorders at times leave practitioners feeling as emotionally challenged and out of control as the patients they treat. This is the first publication of its kind to provide support, direction, clarity, and optimism to clinicians treating these disorders.

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Starting a Private Practice? Most Frequently Asked Questions by NASW Members

NASW Press

Jan 01, 2003

This publication is a good resource for clinical social workers beginning a private practice. It provides answers to pertinent questions and lists resources to help clinical social workers get started.

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