Do’s and Don’ts for Technology in Private Practice

An Hour with Private Practice

Oct 17, 2018

Get tips for clinical social workers use of technology, based on some of our members' most common concerns related to this topic.

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Using Cloud Storage as a Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice

Yael "Ellie" Silverman, LICSW

Aug 21, 2018

The cloud is a way of storing data on shared servers and accessing the information via the Internet instead of a computer hard drive.Many clinical social workers have questions about relying on the cloud to protect patients’ health information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). NASW has reviewed requirements of cloud storage for protected health information. The following outlines current expectations and best practices to maintain privacy and security standards for clinical social workers using the cloud,especially those in private practice.

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Technology Regulations Related to Social Work Practice by Jurisdiction

Yael "Ellie" Silverman, LICSW

Apr 02, 2018

NASW has compiled statutes, statements, and regulations issued by each state’s or jurisdiction’s governing body for social work (licensing board).

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NASW, ASWB, CSWE & CSWA Standards For Technology In Social Work Practice


Jan 01, 2017

Social workers’ use of technology is proliferating. Technology has transformed the nature of social work practice and greatly expanded social workers’ ability to assist people in need. Contemporary social workers can provide services to individual clients by using online counseling, telephone counseling, videoconferencing, self-guided Web-based interventions, electronic social networks, mobile apps, automated tutorials, e-mail, text messages, and a host of other services.

Clinical Social Work Practice Update - Medicare Telehealth Provisions For The Clinical Social Worker

Mirean Coleman, MSW, LICSW, CT

Apr 01, 2002

Advances  in  technology  are making health care services  accessible through telecommunications. Clinical social  workers  now  have the opportunity to take advantage of  telehealth services  that  are being reimbursed by Medicare for its  beneficiaries. Effective October 2001, the Benefits Improvement Protection Act (BIPA) amended section 1834 to pay for telehealth services  that  are furnished via a telecommunication system to an eligible telehealth individual.

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Practice Update - Using Technology In The Practice of Clinical Social Work

Mirean Coleman, MSW, LICSW, CT

Jan 01, 2002

Advancement in technology continues to change the way that clinical social workers manage their private practices and deliver services to patients. Technology has made most services accessible and convenient in addition to making communication easier and faster. It also raises liability concerns, which can place clinical social workers at risk. Clinical social workers should take certain precautions when using technology to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy of records. They should also follow federal and state statutes regarding the use of technology in their private practice. The cellular phone, answering machine, facsimile machine, and computer are technology tools used in private practice that deserve special attention.

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