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Read media coverage related to social workers and the fight for racial justice.

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Opinion: Sterilizing immigrant detainees must stop now
Reports are emerging that women in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement are being sterilized en masse. These women came to the United States as refugees seeking asylum from horror, brutality, and oppression. Asking shelter from poverty and violence and a future for themselves and their children, they are instead incarcerated in for-profit detention centers and surgically stripped of their ability to have children—a brutality and oppression that is both heartbreaking and unspeakable but must be spoken as it must now stop.

Mental-health leaders: We must end pandemic of racism

In this Orlando Sentinel op-ed, NASW joins the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association in calling on nation to declare systemic racism a public health crisis.

WV Support for Mental-Health Alternatives in 9-1-1 Calls

Public News Service
Sam Hickman, executive director of NASW's West Virginia chapter, said some police responses escalate into violence when calls involve mental illness, emotional distress or addiction, because police are being asked to resolve situations for which they're often not trained. "The police can't be expected to intervene in every single problem in society. They should be asked to intervene and to keep us safe when there are people that we're really afraid of," Hickman said. "Their skills don't broadly include everything that

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