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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Media Toolkit


Jan 01, 2017

Social workers recognize that there is much room for improvement in the treatment of LGBTQ individuals in the United States. NASW can help you find experts you can interview, topics you can cover during Pride Month, data and other resources, and a glimpse of how the LGBTQ community is covered in the news and entertainment media.

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NASW Standards For Cultural Competence In Social Work Practice


Jan 01, 2015

This revision of the Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in the Social Work Practice (the Standards) reflects the growth in the understanding of cultural competence since the development of both the NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice published in 2001 and the Indicators for the Achievement of the NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice (NASW, 2007).

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NASW Calls Upon Social Workers To Speak Out Against Bullying


Oct 22, 2010

Across the country the term “bullying” is making national headlines regarding brutal acts committed by youth at school. Bullying is the intentional and repeated use of actions and words designed to intimidate or hurt another person. Bullying can be verbal, physical, or nonverbal/nonphysical. Examples of verbal bullying include teasing, taunting, name-calling, and spreading rumors.

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Definitions:  A Primer


Jan 01, 2009

Sex is assigned at birth and determined usually by our external, physical bodies. Are our genitals clearly male or female? Additional sex markers include our chromosomes and our internal and external reproductive organs. Some people also use sexed bodies to describe our physical sex.

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Overview of Same Sex Marriage In The U.S.: The Struggle For Civil Rights And Equality

Rita A. Webb, ACSW, DCSW

Jun 20, 2005

The recent landmark decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to legalize gay and lesbian marriage has brought extensive media coverage and discussion of same sex marriage. The complexities surrounding same sex marriage are multifaceted and include a broad range of areas such as: legislation; institutional, social, and religious views; personal beliefs and biases; civil rights, ethics, and values.

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Equity Practice Update - Promoting Positive School Environments For Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Students: Survey Findings

Evelyn P. Tomaszewski, MSW, ACSW

Aug 01, 2002

As social workers know, adolescence can be a challenging time for many young people. Recent studies confirm, however, that adolescence can be a particularly hard time for youths that either identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual or are youths questioning their feelings of same-sex attraction or desire for same-sex behavior (Reid & Tomaszewski, 2001).

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