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Update on Place of Service Reimbursement

By Mirean Coleman, LICSW, CT
Director of Clinical Practice

March 2024

This update is a follow-up to NASW’s Tips and Tools, New Medicare Reimbursement for 2024, It focused on Medicare reimbursement for place of service codes (POS) 02 (services provided at a location other than patient’s home) and 10 (services provided in the patient’s home).Clinical social work members informed NASW they were not being reimbursed at the 2024 rate for telehealth services provided at a non-facility using POS code 10. Reimbursement rates vary in each geographic location.For 2024, a non-facility is reimbursed at a higher rate than a facility because it includes practice expense.

NASW advocated for its members and contacted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for assistance. As a result, the National Government Services and Novitas Solutions for Medicare Part B providers have informed providers that a system processing issue resulted in incorrect payments at the facility rate and has now been corrected. As a result, the National Government Services and Novitas Solutions are initiating a mass adjustment of all impacted claims with dates of services beginning January 1, 2024, and after.Members will soon receive the correct reimbursement and retroactive payment.

The reimbursement change may also be adopted by other third-party payers.For information, clinical social workers should verify with each of the behavioral health insurance company with whom they are credentialed.

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