International Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The International Committee is authorized by and accountable to the NASW Board of Directors. It offers recommendations to the Program Committee in the development and implementation of the annual program plan.


The International Committee interprets NASW policies and Delegate Assembly priorities in developing guidance for the implementation of programs in the areas of international social work education and practice and in advocating for the protection of human rights in the global context. Additionally it educates and encourages social workers about how international experiences enrich both their social work practice and the profession of social work globally.

Time Frame

The International Committee shall be a board-established national unit.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The Committee shall be comprised of 5 members.  The terms of members shall be staggered with a maximum term of three years.  The International Coordinator of the NASW North Carolina International District and the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) United Nations Commissioner for North America, shall serve as Ex-Officio, non-voting members of the Committee.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the development of international program activities within the annual program plan.
  2. Facilitate NASW’s participation in the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and with other international social work organizations.
  3. Serve as experts in interpreting NASW policy as it relates to international social work practice and human rights.
  4. Promote member education and mobilization on both international issues and international experiences to improve practice and the social work profession globally.
  5. Maintain liaison with allied organizations.
  6. Assist in identifying member experts to serve on specialized task groups.
  7. To host an annual meeting of the North American representatives to IFSW commissions.

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