National Appointments: Boards and Committees

The Association’s national governance structure consists of over 30 volunteer units that are either bylaws-mandated or board-approved. Each year the NASW President appoints members to committee vacancies. Additionally, members elect new members to the NASW Board and the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification. Together with staff, this growing number of leaders (national and chapter), form a healthy partnership to fulfill the Association’s mission of serving our members.

Interested in serving in a leadership position? There is a place for you! Review the list of committees to determine where your knowledge, skill sets and competencies may be best utilized, then submit a nomination form. If appointed, you will be informed verbally and in writing.  Thank you for your interest in being a National Volunteer Leader.




Contact the Office of Governance at

FY 24-25  Appointments

Nominations for FY 2024-25 committee vacancies will begin in spring 2024. Interested in serving, submit your nomination.