Delegate Assembly Code of Ethics and Bylaws

NASW Bylaws Amendments

The Delegate Assembly (DA) has purview over two elements of the NASW Bylaws:

  • The Delegate Assembly
  • The membership dues allocation between the National Office and the chapters.

Proposed bylaws amendments that fall under the jurisdiction of the DA are reviewed by the DA Planning Task Force, the Bylaws Committee and considered by the Board for placement on the DA agenda. If approved for the DA agenda, proposed bylaws amendments will be posted on the DA website for member review and comment. Proposed amendments can be submitted by any member or groups of members of the Association.

NASW Code of Ethics Revisions

Members may propose revisions to the NASW Code of Ethics. These proposed revisions are reviewed by the DA Planning Task Force, the National Ethics Committee, and the national equity committees and considered by the NASW Board for placement on the DA agenda. Proposed revisions to the Code of Ethics approved for the DA consideration are posted online for comment.

Delegations and coalitions are encouraged to discuss the proposed organizational policy revisions. The DA culminating meeting includes a question-and-answer session on any proposed amendments, followed by floor consideration by the Assembly where they are debated, deliberated, and voted on by delegates.

Revisions to Code of Ethics and Bylaws Comment Forum

A message board for members to review and post comments to any proposed Code of Ethics and bylaws revisions will be open between May-July 2023. These revisions will have floor discussion and final consideration by the delegates at the November 2023 Delegate Assembly.

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