Current and Future Actions


The Delegate Assembly Culminating meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2023. The agenda for this meeting is now available. Key actions include the 2024-2027 Program Priority Goals and an amendment to the NASW Bylaws.

Pending Action Items

The Delegate Assembly (DA) is the representative, decision-making body through which NASW members set broad organizational policy, establish program priorities, and develop a collective stance on public and professional issues. During this DA cycle, members can participate in setting the association’s program priority goals for the next three years. Members will also play an important role in the development and review of changes to the NASW Bylaws and alignment of the NASW Board of Directors’ electoral regions.

So what are we asking of you? You can submit comments through October 2023 by clicking on the items in the list below. The linked forums allow for comment on proposals regarding:

  • The 2024‒2027 Program Priority Goals
    The elected delegates have responsibility to establish the Association's 2024-2027 program priority goals. This is one of the most important jobs of a delegate at the Delegate Assembly. At the culminating meeting of the Assembly, time will be allotted for a Q&A period about the goals, as well as the final floor debate and vote. The program priority goals are to be adopted under a single motion encompassing the entire set.
    Subsequently, the NASW Board of Directors and its programming units, including the chapters, are bound by the priorities established through this process. These program priority goals provide direction, focus, and a context for utilization of the Association's resources of people, time, and money for the above identified period.
  • Revisions to the NASW Bylaws
    Proposed bylaws amendments that fall under the jurisdiction of the DA are reviewed by the DA Planning Task Force, the Bylaws Committee and considered by the Board for placement on the DA agenda. The board has placed an amendment on the agenda for member review and comment prior to the Culminating Meeting.
  • The alignment of the NASW Board’s electoral regions
    Every six years, the Delegate Assembly considers realignment of the NASW Board’s national electoral regions.

Once the member review periods conclude, Delegates will review comments to inform deliberations at the Delegate Assembly Culminating Meeting in November.

Public and Professional Policies

The delegate assembly will consider the revision of policy statements during this cycle. The following policies are currently available for member comment until November 30:

The following policies have completed the member comment process.

  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the Social Work Profession
  • Death Penalty
  • Disasters
  • Healthcare
  • LGBTQIA2S+ Issues
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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