Social Work Standard of the Month: Evaluation and Research

5.02 Evaluation and Research


Revisions to section 5 of the NASW Code of Ethics, which focuses on social workers’ responsibilities to the social work profession, were limited to standard 5.02, Evaluation and Research. There are now 16 standards in this section with the inclusion of new content that specifically incorporates guidance for social workers using electronic technology in evaluation and research, standard 5.02(f). This new content shifted the numbering of subsequent standards.


  • Newly added standard 5.02(f) offers more concrete guidance for social workers using technology in their research and evaluation. This guidance includes the consideration of informed consent and research participants’ access to the technology and availability of alternatives. “When using electronic technology to facilitate evaluation or research, social workers should ensure that participants provide informed consent for the use of such technology. Social workers should assess whether participants are able to use the technology and, when appropriate, offer reasonable alternatives to participate in the evaluation or research.”