Ethics Education and Resources

The Office of Ethics and Professional Review (OEPR) develops and provides ethics training to Chapters upon request and availability.

If your Chapter is interested in having our office conduct CE approved ethics training, please contact 800-638-8799, ext 231. There is no charge for the training.

Consultation Hours


Consultation services are intended to guide members through the applicable standards in the Code of Ethics along with other pertinent considerations and resources that address their concerns and allows them to make reasoned ethical decisions

Ethical Standard of the Month

Examines specific standards from the NASW Code of Ethics, and related resources, that promote the understanding and appropriate application of the Code.

Ethics 8

ethics 8

The Ethics 8 Series offers useful tips related to prevailing topics in social work practice. These tip sheets serve as a starting point in uncovering ethical considerations in a given topic area, and direct users to additional resources related to the topic area.

Ethics Literature

Find publications from NASW and other sources, as well as licensing information.

Ethics Workshops and Webinars

Find courses developed by Ethics Department and the Legal Defense Fund to increase your understanding of the Code of Ethics and malpractice risk.