Social Justice Ethics Resources

person with raised fist in a crowded street

8 Ethical Considerations for Responding to Social Injustice

The recent high-profile deaths of Black people at the hands of the police, in addition to reoccurring publicized examples of racism around the country within our communities and within our profession, have emboldened demands for massive social change. What action does the NASW (2017) Code of Ethics require of social workers in the face of social injustice, racism, and inequality?

Ethical Blind Spots in Practice

Behavioral ethics is a new area of scholarship and research emerging from the fields of cognitive psychology and business management. This presentation explores the question of how “good” people can engage in “bad” actions without being aware of the unethical nature of their behavior. Implications for social work practice are explored.

Ethics and Boundaries: Social Work and Race

This webinar explores the historical context on the impact of race on social work policy, services, interventions, and hiring procedures. Discuss the role and violations of the Code of Ethics in social work practices. Lastly, address the solutions to how social workers can use the code of ethics to ensure that all communities are treated and served equally. 

The Ethics of Activism

In this panel discussion, social workers engaged in activism shed light on how we can ethically partake in social activism and movements for change.

Social Work as an Ethical and Political Intervention

This webinar reviews the ethical obligation to think from a systems theory perspective when there are changes to the practice setting. This webinar will review standard models of policy analysis and reiterate the key need social workers have to become consumers of public policy in order to better challenge and shape it.

Social Work Ethics in Today’s Political Climate

This round table discussion addresses contemporary issues in politics and social work ethics. National experts weigh in on today’s political climate and the ethical implications of social work practice and administration.