NASW Board of Directors
Director, Region IV

Troy Brindle, LCSW, DCH

Troy Brindle, LCSW

Troy Brindle, LCSW, is co-owner and director of Springfield Psychological, the largest private behavioral health practice in Pennsylvania. He received his BSW in 1993 from Cairn University and his MSW in 1995 from Rutgers University, where he graduated with academic honors. 

Brindle has served on the NASW-PA board of directors since 2011 in a variety of capacities, such as the Brandywine Division chair, president-elect, president, Delegate Assembly representative, and is currently co-chair of the Clinical Care Committee. In 2015, he received the Alumni Recognition Award from Cairn University. Brindle currently serves on the board of directors for Access Services. He also serves on two statewide task forces to transform Pennsylvania’s health care delivery system. 

Representing NASW, Brindle was recently featured on the nationally televised Informed Series with Rob Lowe for his pioneering work in integrating behavioral health services within 48 primary care settings.