Blackey/Aron Graduate Fellowship Panel

Authorization and Accountability

The reactivation of the Eileen Blackey and Jane Aron Funds was authorized by the Research and Education Fund in November 1997. As a result, a joint Blackey and Aron panel was created. The panel reports to the Development Committee through the Awards Committee. Funds are collected through the Social Work Research and Education Fund.


The Blackey/Aron Panel reviews and makes selection for the Blackey and Aron Graduate Fellowship Funds. The funds were created to honor the contributions of Eileen Blackey and Jane Aron to the social work profession. The panel administers fellowships to doctoral students who are writing a dissertation relevant to social welfare policy and social health policy and practice.

The panel also coordinates fundraising events to ensure the long-term solvency of the fund.

Time Frame

The Blackey/Aron Panel continues to the extent that there are funds available.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The panel is comprised of four members. The terms are staggered with a maximum duration of three years.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Oversee and monitor activity of the fund. Identify fundraising opportunities for increasing the revenue and soliciting donor contributions.
  2. Administer annual fellowships

Questions about the Blackey/Aron Graduate Fellowship Panel?

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