Bylaws Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The Bylaws Committee is authorized by and accountable to the NASW Board of Directors.


The committee is established to receive, review and recommend proposed amendments to the NASW Bylaws including matters related to Delegate Assembly and the NASW National/Chapter dues allocation which must be submitted to the Delegate Assembly for final consideration. At the Board’s request, the committee may review and recommend changes to the Bylaws.

Time Frame

The committee will begin its work each fall and will finalize its work each spring.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The committee will consist of no less than three members of the Board of Directors, a chapter executive director and a national senior staff member. Members will serve no more than three consecutive years. Board members’ terms will be consistent with their term of office.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Review proposed amendments and recommend for Board consideration changes to the Bylaws that are consistent with the Association’s overall mission and purpose.
  2. In response to requests from the Board and/or President, review and make recommendations for changes to the Bylaws.
  3. Examine and consider the implications of proposed changes and make recommendations to the Board.
  4. Ensure adherence to the Bylaws amendments process and timeline.
  5. Review proposed Bylaws amendments to be considered by the Delegate Assembly and make recommendations to the Board. Assist in the formulation of a process for presenting proposed amendments on the floor of the Delegate Assembly.
Bylaws of the National Association of Social Owkrers as amended by the NAASW board of directors effective july 1, 2022

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Questions about the Bylaws Committee?

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