Finance Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The Finance Committee is a standing committee mandated by the bylaws of the Association. The Finance Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to:

Bring to the attention of the Board all issues regarding Association finances that require the Board’s consideration and action
Review and approve reports on the income, expenditures and investments of the Association

Time Frame

The editorial board continues as long as the journal is in existence.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The Association Treasurer serves as the chairperson. The Committee consists of six members The President appoints five members for a term of three years.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Review the Association’s financial statements annually.
  2. Review and recommend approval of the annual budget.
  3. Review the Investment Fund Manager portfolio annually.
  4. Inform the Board of Directors regarding all fiscal matters.
  5. Review and recommend to the Board of Directors long-range financial plans for the NASW National Office.

Questions about the Finance Committee?

Contact Sekou (Koe) Murphy, Chief Financial Officer, at