Human Resources Committee

Authorization and Accountability

Established in 1984 as a committee of the NASW Board of Directors, the Human Resources Committee (formerly the Personnel Policies Committee) is accountable to the NASW Board of Directors. 


The Human Resources Committee is charged with oversight of the Association's human resources policies and practices.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The five-member committee will include three current and two former members of the NASW Board of Directors who will be appointed by the NASW President to serve three-year staggered terms.   Generally, prior experience in a human resource capacity is desired.   This Committee typically meets once per year and more frequently as needed.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provides oversight of the Association’s Human Resources policies and practices as delineated in the Association’s employee handbook.
  • In keeping with the Association’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, reviews the Association’s workforce data provided annually to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO-1 Survey Data) and reports results to the Board of Directors.Periodically reviews the Association’s compliance with applicable affirmative action requirements.

Questions about the Human Resources Committee?

Contact Nadine Nixon, HR Director at