Member and Chapter Relations Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The Member and Chapter Relations Committee is authorized by and accountable to the NASW Board of Directors.


The Member and Chapter Relations Committee is an advisory unit responsible for providing recommendations in the areas of chapter development, membership recruitment and retention; and member services, programs and activities.

Time Frame

The committee shall be an ongoing Bylaws mandated committee.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The committee shall be comprised of 8 members. The Chair shall be appointed by the President. Other classes of membership including one regional representative; two chapter presidents and two chapter executive directors shall be designated by the President. Two national staff members shall be appointed by the Executive Director. All members serve a two-year term.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Review and recommend chapter development, national/chapter partnerships, and membership policies to the National Board.
  2. Act as sounding board for national/chapter partnership programs and recruitment and retention pilots and strategies.
  3. Develop strategies for improving national/chapter relations and communication.
  4. Recommend agenda items for the Annual Leadership Meeting
  5. Oversee the Chapter Development Fund

Questions about the Member and Chapter Relations Committee?

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