Personnel Policies Committee

Authorization and Accountability

Established in 1984 as a committee of the National Board of Directors, to handle the personnel affairs of the Association, the Personnel Policies Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors and is expected to report regularly on all association personnel matters.


The Personnel Policies Committee is charged with responsibility for overseeing the development and maintenance of personnel policies and practices of the Association.

Time Frame

The Personnel Policies Committee is a committee of the national Board of Directors.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The five member committee will include three national Board of Directors members, one current Chapter President and one Chapter Executive Director who will be appointed by the national President to serve two-year staggered terms. The Chairs term shall coincide with the term of the national President. This Committee generally meets one time per year or when issues arise.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Make recommendations concerning revisions to NASW Personnel Policies and Practices Manual, which serves as a guide for all non-union staff members and Personnel Standards for Chapters, which serves as a guide for all Chapter staff.           
  2. Offer assistance to management in contract negotiations with the AFL-CIO Communication Workers of America, which represents NASW employees in the bargaining unit.
  3. Periodically review the Associations affirmative action guidelines and practices, and recommends revisions as necessary.
  4. Serve as an appeals body for alleged violations of established personnel policies and practices governing National Office non-union staff and Chapter staff.

Questions about the Personnel Policies Committee?

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